July 4, 2016 Work Week

Fruit & Nuts Maintenance

The week began the afternoon of Saturday, July 2, 2016.

Saturday & Sunday

  • During the night two 2″ diameter limbs fell out of the pecan tree next to the yard and second tree from the road.Two Cows at Pond
  • Edged and trimed yard and road’s ditch banks. Picked up limbs and cleaned up for family gathering Sunday afternoon. See that event here.


  • During the night a very large limb (8″ diameter) fell out of the second tree from the road next to the garden fence. As it fell across the fence we sawed it into firewood before the cows could cause it to fall and breakdown the fence.
  • Mowed along fence with tallow at little pond
  • Sprayed Erasure along road ditch and on the small patches of Johnson Grass that has come back.
  • Got JD Mower out and prep’ed to remove mower deck to work on stuck bolt of the steering’s main gear.Blueberries
  • Finally began sorting out Dad’s truck bed storage box. Through out all the old tubes, cans and containers of chemicals, animal meds, wrappers, containers,  sleeves and misc debris that had collected in it over the years he had used it.


  • Early morning there was an easy rain with thunder in the distant
  • Worked on JD Mower steering. Got it up on 6×6 blocks. Removed mower deck but no luck with stuck bolts on main gear.Mary sorting Blueberries
  • Sprayed Erasure on briars and thistle in fence rows and garden.
  • Radiator cap on Fergie fell apart so bought one at the parts store for 10 psi as they did not have one that was for 12.8 psi.


  • Thunderstorms blew past and finally hit us about 11 am.
  • Before that sprayed 1 gallon of Remedy on tallow trees in the field next to Peggy and about 75 feet more along the fence at the ditch near Peg. Also sprayed the small seedling Tallows in the fences around the house. Also sprayed them in the ditch on the other side of the road.

    11 days after application
    11 days after application
  • After the rain Mary drove Fergie and pulled the large pecan logs–now rotten–to the burn pile behind the garden.
  • After that Mary used Fergie to pull the dead azalea stumps from the east side the gap.
  • At sundown we applied about 40 lbs of cotton seed meal to the: roses; day lilies; bridal wreaths; dog woods; fern bed around pecan tree and under oak.


  • Shook 7.5 gallons of blueberries onto a tarp from the large bush on the south end and the smaller one next to it. Took them inside to clean and put into 1 gallon zip lock bags and into the large white cooler with two bags (20 lb.) crushed ice.
  • Went first time to Blairs Nursery and bought a replacement rose and a daylily.
  • Mowed high weeds in the little pond that is dry and along ditch to property line with Peggy.


12 days after application
11 days after application
  • Cut groove in all tallow trees in the little pond and sprayed with remedy. Very hot and sweaty.


  • Shook down 9 qts. blue berries and picked a hand full of figs. Missed last year’s yield by 2 gals but we did not gather any of what was left on the two bushes along the driveway at the barn yard.
  • Added strapping from rafters to beams on four rafters from each corner and every fourth rafter on front beam.
  • Loaded limb pile from yard and small limbs and junk Mary had raked from behind hard and bin. Dumped in pushed up burn pile.
  • Pulled tallow cut down when grooving and spraying large tallow along wood fence line (in little pond area on garden side) to the burn pile. The last afternoon in the sun and it about killer us.
  • Re-nailed fence boards through little pond that is dry
  • Used Ford with box blade to push up fire pile
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