July 4, 2014 Work Week

Fruit & Nuts Maintenance

Began on Sunday, June 29, and worked in the morning, long break during the heat of midday and then again from 4 pm until we quit. Hot and humid but green and lush. Below are notes of what we did each day.

Sunday – Ted had cut the grass Saturday so today I cut the ditch bank DSC_0539with the 4-cycle line trimmer; trimed tree limbs, removed the rotten dead fig tree, and trimmed limbs from the pecan with the pole saw. We went to Home Depot and bought 10-10-10 fertilizer, azalea fertilizer, ant killer and chain and hardware to better tie down the pump house.

MondayAdded black roofing compound to west side of fire place flashing to stop small leak that fell on the CI waffle Iron that we found rusty on the fireplace hearth.

Sprayed tallow trees and piled trees cut down last time in pond up to small wet area. Fertilized azaleas. Picked up a lot of nails with magnet from under around work hence in the barn. Bought new battery for Ford for $147 + tax + $20 core.

TuesdayPatched small water damage to DSC_0571ceilings in family room back guest room. Sprayed Remedy on tallow trees on north side of ditch at pond and behind barn.  Re-sprayed the large trees behind barn and first spray on trees east of the Driscell gate to the standing water. Enjoyed the blue berries all week.

Wednesday – See post about Cain Tree and Landscaping‘s major trimming of a pecan over the bin and one over the house

Rehung shutters that have been off for years. Trimmed the remaining doors that dragged on the new carpet.

Thursday – Cut branches from pecan tree trucks and pulled to pile. Cut small limbs into fire wood. Cleaned out wood shed’s north end and stacked in new wood. Lunch at The Original Oster House on the causeway and then went to Sams. Bought Mary the chrome commercial-grade 6-shelf storage unit.  Assembled and placed in Utility Room.

Friday the 4th

1.    Sprayed Remedy with diesel (3:1) on Tallow and scrub brush along:

  • fence on the west side of the lane (very (little there due to spraying it for the past two years;
  • fence continuing north cross field to “corner” where it runs northwest (some there that had not died completely);
  • along the fence that runs north west to its “corner” where there was more tallow and brush.

2.   Cut down remaining yupon from the north end of the barn along with oak trees okaying on the tin and the nasty, sap oozing tree. Sprayed stumps with Remedy. Cut down oak laying on barn roof and trimmed up pecan limbs.

Saturday –  Completed cleanup behind barn and burned small limbs and leaves there then added old rotten firewood from wood shed. Drug pecan tree trunks to wood shed.DSC_0704 Cut up more small pecan limbs and oak and put in shed. Amazing how different it looks compared to when we started cleaning up. Went to GB and found tractor battery cables and a gallon of chain saw bar oil. Bought a watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes-all homegrown-from Sessions fruit stand.

Sunday – Went to the north field and sprayed the last of remedy on the north-most section of the mid-field fence.  The remedy was mixed weak so will see how much dies. Tried to get Ford to crank with the new battery and cables. It would spin but not crank. 2014-07-06 18.25.50Found clean fuel to the fuel pump and that is a good sign. Quickly looked at John Deere mower and got it to run when pulled and reset electrical multi-connectors under hood. Appeared the one that was the culprit was the brake switch on the lower left of the fire wall. I cut the grass around the back door and under the oak tree as Mary wanted before company arrived for late lunch. After they left Mary mowed the west side of the yard and around the house to help Ted.


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