July 2012


This was not to be a total work trip but that is the way it turned out. As I can make this post that is proof that we did not work all day all days. But, we did enough to make it eligible to be a “work trip” even though it rain a every day–so it was muggy in the morning and no so much in the afternoon. The clouds shaded us most days and that was a great advantage.

Significant things in the photos below are that Ted added dirt to the barn burial site, the figs are ripening, the blue berries are still bearing, we planted the ___ around the oak tree, cut out the azaleas around Audry’s vegetable cleaning table (with two sinks) that Dad built and that was still in good structural condition, and then cut the azalea bed west of there to about four feet high.

From the window in the den you can now see to all the way to the back.

We went to Sherwin Williams and bought the paint and supplies for Tommy Browning to paint ceilings and walls in all the rooms other than the office (my old bed room) and the store room (Peg’s old bedroom).

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