July 2013 Progress Report

Maintenance Other

WitDSC_0995h a day of vacation and the July 4th holiday we got a lot done. Bush hogged the area between the ditch and the peanuts. The new muffler installed by Gordon McClinton was nice change from no muffler. Hopefully killed a lot of Chinese Tallow and Yupon with the herbicide Clear Pasture in the area mowed. Also treated along the west lane fence north to the head of the stream’s draw.


Weather report was that there would be rain for the three days. It began slightly on 7/3 pm and on the 4th and 5th it rained off and on.DSC_0972

Hedged azaleas in the row in the back yard. Picked blue berries and wished the large crop of figs was ready.

Mary found a snake in the utility room and we agreed it must have gotten there via the space around the new PVC water pipe entrance. I plugged it with fiberglass insulation wads.

Moved shelf from the carport to the bin and arranged the bid after finally sweeping up the old litter.

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