July 11, 2018 Week’s Progress


Good progress this trip despite it being very hot by 10 AM until 5 PM. Mid 90’s with high humidity.

Wednesday, 7/11/2018 – With a UHaul 6×12 cargo trailer loaded down we drove nine hours to the farm. Arrived on a very hot, humid afternoon. Unloaded the trailer stuff and got the AC going. Still, do not have the inside refer as the fan has not arrived. The trailer is full of the benches, radial arm saw, drill press, sander, and other stuff. The truck has all of Mary’s studio art stuff. Managed to almost run over the weed eater; only broke the cowling and plug.

Thursday – Unloaded the grain bin to make room for the new 2-racks of LAN Shelves. Unloaded the UHaul into the bin and barn and returned it a day early. Unloaded Mary’s art boxes at Airport Storage. Mainstreet Flooring began installing the new floor. Very tired and sore by the end of the day. AC in the house will not run so Robbie had Estes out and he found control wires were shorted in the attic or wall. Temp wire is running across the hall wall and out the window in the master bathroom to the control panel outside.

Friday – Floor crew made good progress and can finish tomorrow. We worked in the yard. Trimmed oak tree, weeded beds,

The First Dinner Party

Saturday – Floor installer foreman worked alone and finished by 3 pm. Sprayed the tall weeds in the ditch with 2-4-D/Glyphosate. Sprayed small brush and vines at the barn and azalea bushes with the Ortho Poison Ivey Killer. Had lunch at Bozo’s in Pascagoula for the first time and that was an experience. Bought their Shrimp Galore steamed dinner pack to serve tonight to Peg and Frank at the card table on the new floor. Our first dinner party!!! Trimmed out more dead limbs from the old oak tree.

Sunday – Spread 13-13-13 under the old oak and around the young oaks in the barnyard and the wisteria. Used Fergie to pull the dead azalea from the east side of the walkthrough to the barnyard. That was quite a struggle. Trimmed small sucker limbs from pecan trees in the orchard. Rained hard in the late afternoon.

Monday, 7/16/2018 – Picked up limbs and hauled to burn pile. Century Link out to fix connection and found cable bad in various locations. Will bury a new service in 5-7 days. Now there is an orange cable laying along the line of the locate flags. Ford Lumber delivered Hester’s door in its new frame. Cut 4×4’ws f4omn Houston to fit under the table legs and put them there with Mary’s help. Grilled a T-bone steak on Jeff’s little kettle: 3 min on each side the 2 minutes on each side and it was perfect.

Put benches on blocks in the barn and covered with the green tarp. Called patio installers. Edged walk and drive.

TuesdayPut up, cleaned up and weeded. Washed travel trailer. Put HVAC Metal tape of the split in the roof of the grain bin near the ladder. Open Door Ministries picked up the washer, dryer, mini blind and hat tree. Raymond LaConsay of Alabama Power (251-533-4485) Line Crew Foreman showed up and wants to convert the power to underground tomorrow AM early before the rain. By the end of the day after texts and phone calls with Robbie Faith Electric and APCO are set for early tomorrow.

APCO overhead service is gone


Met Mike Chadwell (251-209-3593) of Springhill Landscaping LLC at 2 pm and talked about the patios. He will send us a quote likely Friday.  Bill Baff (251-366-1780) of Baff Landscaping came about 4 pm and we talked about the patios. He will come back maybe Saturday to measure and wants us to copy and mail him the plans as lightning hit his computer the day I emailed them to him.

Wednesday – Sprayed fence lines. Mary cut the grass.

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