Installed Space Heater in the Greenhouse


2/2/2021 – Bought at Target a Honeywell 360° Surround Heat Heater, Model HHF370. Installed it in the Greenhouse as the low tomorrow morning will be in the high 20°s.

2/3/2021 – Outside temps fell to 27° but the heater kept the greenhouse steady with a slight fall in temps from 52° at 8 PM to 46° at 7 AM. Contributing to that steady state was that there was NO wind.

Those temps are from recorded data sent from the Ambient temperature/humidity probe hanging on the face of the new tray shelf about 3 ft above the pea gravel and 2 ft from the north wall and its closed louver.

In case the heater did not perform well, we covered the trays–with their little seedlings that have come up so far–with a blue shipping blanket and one of the large frost bags bought to protect the plants.

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