Installed 1″ PVC pipe to garden and around to yard

Gardening Homestead

9/14/2019 – Justice Williamson installed a 1″ Schedule 40 PVC water line from a rebuilt connection at the tank: to the south fence of the garden; then to the NE corner of the garden; then along the road fence to the SE corner of the yard at the power pole. The line was installed using Ted’s tractor and subsoiler. It is 8″-12″ deep.

  • The pipe crosses the backyard 9 feet from the south pecan tree on the route from the well to the gate.
  • The pipe is 4 feet from the wire of the fence on the south, east, and north side of the garden.
  • The two hose bibs on the east fence are stubbed up from the east-west runs.
  • The pipe is 5′-6″ from the fence as it crosses the orchard next to the road. When 21′ from the N-S wood fence at the yard the pipe veers north to the hose bib that is just north of the power pole.
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