ID’ing the Pecan Trees

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11/10/2018 – For the past several weeks I have enjoyed collecting the different pecans and studying pecan websites and papers to identify the “cultivars”. Of course, that lead to a new part of this website Pecans, and the pages for each of the ten cultivars of the 39 pecan trees in the orchard, barnyard, and yard.

Nearly all the trees that had not been trimmed/topped had some pecans and for most the quality was good. None had a lot. Those that had been topped did not have any. The ones that had the best crop were:

  • Farley – Good quantity and quality
  • Cheyenne – Fair quantity and good quality
  • Shoshoni – Fair quantity and good quality
  • Shawnee – not many but the quality was good

The large old Stewarts in the yard did not have any pecans. Those in the orchard had some and most were bad. Maybe 1 in 4 or 5 would have an ok kernel.

We are also picked up and had a lot cracked. Mary vac-packed them to give away at Thanksgiving.

As of Nov. 8, 2018

Trees 26, 27, and 37 were removed due to damage in the tops and proximity to the house.

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