Hurricane Sally and the Pecans


9/15-16/2020 – Hurricane Sally grew to Category 1 level as its projected path slowly moved eastward from going ashore west of New Orleans to where it finally came ashore in Baldwin County. For a while, the projected path was over us.

The almost ready pecans and the weighted limbs faced gusting winds, largely from the north, for almost two days. The maximum gust recorded by the weather station was 57 MPH. Total rain was 1.24″.

Many green pecans were blown down. The pecans on a few trees were ready to begin falling and after the storm, there were well filled out nuts among the limbs and green leaves. Those trees were numbers 4, 25, and 37. The Stewarts were a mix of many green hulls and some that were free of the green hulls with good meat.

We built at least 15 drag piles in the yard and orchard and drug them to the burn pile field.

See post for Hurricane Zeta that went just west of us October 28/29.

11/1/2020 – Update – Despite the limbs and pecans Sally brought down this was a very good year as all trees had pecans that were well filled out.

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