2020 Spring Garden Ideas

Glass Gem Corn – https://www.johnnyseeds.com/vegetables/corn/glass-gem-corn-seed-3765.html?cgid=corn

  1. Plant Okra one-row wide so you do not have to walk between them.
  2. Extend Your Lettuce Season: Begin lettuce production early and keep it going later in the season by planting tall vegetables in north-south rows and plant heat-resistant lettuce underneath the leaf canopy so that it is shaded during the hottest portion of the day. Corn planted in rows 4 feet apart or pole beans on a fence or trellis is ideal. Interplanting lettuce with bush squash also gives good results. Mulch the lettuce well, keep well watered and enjoy!
  3. Potato Ideas from NE Texas – Yukon Gold and Viking Purple
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