Flea Beetles Return & Squash Status


10/6/2019 – Beginning to see flea beetles again so sprayed the winter squash with malathion for the first time. The photos below were taken early morning when I did not see any beetles.

The photo at the top of the page above the title is of a young butternut squash.

In the first photo below there are:

  • two poorly pumpkin plants are on the lower left;
  • beyond them on the left side are acorn squash;
  • on the right side near the camera are spaghetti squash; and
  • beyond the spaghetti squash are butternut squash.
  • The green blob along the top edge of the photo just right of center are the remnants of the okra and peppers that are still bearing.

These plants have been watered daily for the past three weeks as there has only been 0.4″ of rain since August 26.

Acorn Squash
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