First Planting in the New Big Garden


Borrowed Frank’s hiller and hilled 8 rows. Planted G90 corn in the south 50 ft of the east 4. Okra in 50 ft of the 5th and a little bell pepper in the 6th. The bell pepper seed did not feed well though the seeder-perhaps because there was very little seed.

After lunch, planted the 30 ft of south end of the 2 east most rows with summer yellow squash and the next two with zucchini.

Pulled out a heeping small wheelbarrow load of hay string from a spot just north of the garden. That adds to the black feed pot 3/4 full of string picked up yesterday.

The next morning planted 8 hills in the south end of the 7th row from the new east fence of Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash and 8 hills in the 8th row of Cocozelle Italian Zucchini.

Now, the rain predicted for Sunday and next week needs to get here.

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