First Hard Freeze, 25.5 F, Nov. 13


11/13/2019 – The weather this fall has been great but winter is here now. The wind blew 15-25 MPH yesterday as a cold front blew through and an arctic blast followed the wind. At 6 AM the weather station shows the temp to be 25.5 degrees, an 8 MPH wind, and 70% humidity.

The afternoon before we covered:

  • the six blue plumbagos with sheets held down with firewood;
  • the Celebrity tomatoes, tomatillos and a few Roma tomatoes with shipping blankets and other sheets;
  • 25 feet of the first beets and 25 feet of the first Swiss Chard with 3’x25′ rolls of burlap bought at Lowe’s. Held it down with “soil nails” made from heavy wire cut into 10-12″ lengths and bent into a U. They worked well;
  • the lettuce in Mary’s garden with hay.

We lost:

  • all the tomatoes, tomatillos, and peppers–covered and not covered;
  • some of the periwinkles
  • new leaves on the roses
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