First Garlic in the Garden


The 0.5 lbs. (five bulbs) of Lorz Italian garlic (an heirloom) arrived from Filaree Garlic Farm and were planted the next day, 1/17/2019, in Mary’s large yard garden. They were planted 6″ apart staggered in the wide row and 2″ deep. The dirt had been tilled at least 6″ deep and about a gallon (i.e. ~3 lbs) of pecan wood ash added to the full 35 ft. row as the ph is lower than is recommended for garlic and onion.

A Northwest heirloom brought from Italy by the Lorz family to the Columbia Basin in Washington State in the late 19th century. Well adapted to summer heat. Has more heat and better flavor than other Artichoke varieties. Large, sometimes flat-round bulbs. 12 to 19 cloves, not many small interior cloves.

From Filaree’s web page
Lorz Italian, 1/2 lb.
Kneeling on Lexus Floor Mats

First shoots starting to show on 1/27/2019

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