First 2021 Daylily Treatment for Rust


4/17/2021 – This will be the first fungicide treatment for daylily rust and uses a combination spray of a contact and a systemic product. Our 2020 post here has a lot of great info and was the guide for this treatment using Propiconazole 14.3 (the systemic) and Daconil (the contact fungicide). We repeated what was done last year—other than spraying some with a much higher level of Prop-z as confessed below.

The major differences this year are that:

  • A month or so ago we cut back all daylilies to near the ground to remove the rust damage and spores from last year. Everyone came back strong. We have now seen a few yellowing leaves and a few rust spore infected leaves that were immediately, with vengeance, removed—so it is time to treat them.
  • Today —a week or 2 later than planned as it rained hard for 2 weeks — mixed and sprayed top and bottom of leaves of all daylilies with these amounts:
    • Propiconazole 14.3 – 0.5 tsp per one gallon of water. I believe I screwed up and added 1.0 tbsp to the 2-gallon pump-up sprayer for the: back yard, front yard next to the house; and under the kitchen window.
    • Daconil – chlorothalonil – 2.5 Tbsp (approx. 8 tsp.) per 4 gallons of water. Therefore, 1.25 tbsp/gallon.
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