Final gathering of Beach Sunflower seeds then mowed them down, disked, then completed plowing


8/28/2019 – Mowed down the sunflowers that had become very ragged and did not have many blooms. There will be a lot of seed in this area for next year and we gathered a lot to spread in other places.

8/29/2019 – Disked the litter then plowed the portion of the garden not plowed last month. Many places had not been plowed well in the spring as the plow and Fergie struggled with the old sod. This time there were clearly places with some red tones that turned over almost cracking and breaking when it rolled over.

After plowing disked it with the new 6×6 drag that broke up the soft clods behind the disk and left the area level and lush.

Note winter squash coming up and okra still producing with peppers on their west side

Cleaning the Seeds

We cleaned a lot of the trash and chaff from the seeds by:

  1. rubbing the seed pods over a screen that fits a 1/4 sheet pan letting the seeds and small stuff fall into a bucket.
  2. shaking the seeds and small debris through three grates
  3. pouring the seeds and remaining chaff through the airflow from a small fan into the wheelbarrow. Blowing the chaff over the edge of the wheelbarrow
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