Fill at Barn and Small Pond


1/17/2020 – Wayne Maples hauled in two 10 CY loads of sandy red clay from the pond he is digging for a neighbor. One load was dumped in the low place in the lane under the old oaks on the east property line. The second was dumped in and next to the long deep hole created by the cows in the lane on the north side of the barn next to the ditch.

I used the box blade on Fergie to level the area at the old oaks. Once that was done Justice Williamson drove up with a small track hoe to dig out tallow trees in the field. That was a total surprise. He offered to “knock down” the piles of red clay at the hole next to the barn. After he finished getting the area fairly level I went over it a few times with the box blade to dress it off.

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