Fertilized Pond Yard’s New Grass


Area to be fertilized with 13-13-13 is 70,400 SF minus the pond that is 22,000 SF. Soil test for centipede seed said “Per 1,000 sq. ft. apply 8 pounds 13-13-13 or equivalent when spring growth begins.” So, 8 x (70-22) = 384 lbs. of fertilizer; i.e. 8 sacks.

What We Did

We were concerned about spreading so much 13-13-13 and having too much wash into the pond. So, we spread only 50% or 4 sacks; i.e 200 lbs. So, 200 lbs over 48K SF is about 4 lbs per 1000 SF.

The JD spreader was set on 2+ and the mower speed was at half throttle and the pedal all the way down. Surprisingly, we got coverage with little overlap except perhaps near the pond’s edge where I started. That means the settings for the spreader are fairly close.

Began watering immediately to water it in.

Plan is to spread the other 4 sacks in August to prep for the winter.

Advice used in this effort was from the PondBossForum that is here.

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