Fertilized the New Large Garden


3/12/2019 – The soil test says it needs 120#-0-120# per acre. As the garden is about 1/3 acre it needs 40#-0-40#. So, a 15-0-15 fertilizer means:

15% of 50 lbs is 7.5# per bag. So, 40/7.5=6 bags.

Bought six 50 lb. bags of 15-0-15 plus iron at Agri Afc on Dawes Rd. Spread five bags with the yard spreader pushing it through the soft dirt. Got to get a better way.

Disked it in and we are ready to hill and plant.

7/8/2019 – All the peas grew great vines but also had fruit except for the Red Mandy Peas that had the wildest vines and little fruit. Likely, the full application of nitrogen where the peas were planted was too much.

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