Fertilized Onions and Garlic in Mary’s Garden


3/29/2019 – Applied 2 cups of 34-0-0 in our double 22 ft row based on table below extracted from here.

StageNumber of LeavesAmount to Apply per AcreTotal Applied for Season*
Pre Plant420 units40
Roots Established (2 weeks after planting)520 units60
Slow Growth (every 2 weeks)6-820 units every 2 weeks for 3 applications (6 weeks)120
Rapid Growth before bulbing9-1120 units every 2 weeks for 2 applications (4 weeks)160
Bulbing12 (100 days after planting)Quit any additional applicationsn/a

Table 2: Timing of applications of Nitrogen in onions.
*Assuming 20 units of N in soil testing

For home gardeners, the rate of Ammonium Sulfate to apply 20 units per acre is 1 cup per 20′.


Also spread 34-0-0 on the garlic but less than for the onions. Also spread lightly on the multiplying onions.

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