Fertilized grass, beds, small trees, and azaleas


8/9/2019 – Spread 15-0-15 plus 2% iron on the yard from the old azalea row to the fences on the east. south and north sides. The spreader setting at 2.5 was narrow and small lumps in the fertilizer kept stopping the flow. Went many directions to try to get it even at all the different flow rates.

When I had covered the yard several times with the random flow there was still some in the hopper. Threw it around the small oaks in the barnyard and the larger oak at the NW corner of the barn. Also threw some into the “church” azaleas along the north edge of the backyard.

After done, I noted the spinner in the bottom that is to whip the lumps away from the slot was not fixed to the shaft and would not have broken up lumps and kept the slot open. It also seemed a bit short. Before the next use that should be corrected.

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