Fed the Peppers Superbloom and Fish Emulsion


5/22/2023 – Came across the video here where the guy did what made sense with the pepper plants. He fed them every two weeks with superbloom and fish emulsion that we know works in the yard with many bloomers. Ours are ok but not dark green and not growing or putting on many blooms.

Mixed up the 2.5 gallon watering can with 1 Tbsp per gallon of Jacks Super Bloom and a 3-second pour of fish emulsion. Used the stirrup hoe to break the crust from the 3+ inch rain a few days ago. Then poured the mix around each pepper.

5/24/2023 – The plants are taller, have better color, and have more blooms. Per the video we plan to repeat the feeding in 2 weeks.

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