Fed Hydrangeas


7/25/2019 – The Lime Light Hydrageas and the original mop head blue one at the patio is beginning to bloom but the leaves look lime green and the none of the plants are lush.

Based on the quote below, mixed up a concoction of 1 tbsp Miracle Grow, a one count of liquid iron and a one count of fish emulsion per gallon. Poured it around just inside the drip line on all seven plants.

Hydrangeas should be lightly dressed with fast-release fertilizer in March, May, and July. Be sure to spread it around the drip line of the branches and not the base. Water well. … How to feed hydrangeas should also include a light bi-annual dose of liquid iron to keep the leaves a healthy green.


May need to repeat this in two to three weeks as the Miracle Grow was only a half strength.

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