Fed Garden Miracle Grow & Boron


12/9/2019 – After much reading and evaluation, we fed boron and side dressed with Miracle Grow using info assembled here. The solution was:

  • Miracle Grow mixed at the normal rate of 1 tbps per gallon.
  • 20-Mule-Team Borax mixed at the rate of 1 tbsp in the gallon of MG.

A gallon was applied slowly from a watering can to 100 feet of row. All rows have been cultivated in the past couple of days and the solution went into the soil well. The following plants were fed.

  • Mustard – 1st and 2nd planting. 2nd planting is 4-6″ high.
  • Beets – 1st and 2nd planting. The plants are about 1″ high and not growing.
  • Swiss Chard – Plants are 1-2″ high and growing slowly
  • Radishes – both kinds. Diakon is 6-7″ high and April Cross is 3-4″ high.
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