Expanded Beds at the Magnolia Frescati


7/30 & 31/2021 – For some years we have wanted to “enclose” the small yard between the new paver walkway to the front door, the carport, the house, and the bed along the driveway. This year Mary planted marigolds and zinnias between the roses and lilies in the bed along the driveway and the abundant color has attracted butterflies and made her very happy. The more dense “wall” wall of green and blooms reinforced the idea of the “enclosures’ to create a small green space—as the architects would say.

We expanded the bed along the driveway to run east along the walkway to near the Frescati. We expanded the bed along the west side of the house from the southwest corner of the house along the walkway to near the Frescati.

The beds were expanded in a manner that we hoped did not impact the shallow roots of the Frescati. We cut the grass down to the sod using the line-trimmer and then placed a minimum of 6 inches of “potting soil” bought from Dawes Grass Farm. Planted a Drift rose, periwinkles, and pentas bought from Blairs. We then placed about 1.5 inches of crushed pine bark mulch over the “potting” soil. Mary then planted marigold and zinnia seedlings she raised from seeds in the greenhouse.

The initial plantings were:

  • Peach Drift Rose bought from Blairs on 7/31/2021
  • 4 1-gallon periwinkles
  • 2 1-gallon pentas
  • Mary’s marigold and zinnia seedlings
  • Two large daylily clumps from the Daylily Nursery; i.e. the bed at the Martin House pole. One clump was divided and one half is in each extended bed.
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