Disked/Plowed Elbon Rye


3/8/2020 – In the early morning, disked the south half of the garden where the elbon rye has grown well. A surprising amount of sod and the soil clumped up a lot after disking it twice. It is perhaps a bit damp.

In the afternoon, plowed the north and south half other than the center swath with the two rows of cabbage. Fergie has the power to pull the two-bottom plow but not the weight. Must get a single bottom plow.

Immediately after plowing, I disked it to further break up the clumps. The soil in the north half, where we planted the fall garden, looks very good.

While working in the garden Paul & Sylvia Ferril finished pulling the posts from the road wire fence to install a 4-board rail fence.

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