Completed planting the garden with peas and beans


We planted the only area that had not been planted next to the pecan trees and planted the last of the peas and KWB beans. In the photo below the near five rows are Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans that Mary loves. The three rows in the southwest corner are Texas Cream Peas in the one next to the trees and the two rows immediately east of that one are PEPH peas.

This planting was different than everything else. The disks on the hiller were moved out to where the outside ones were outside the center of the tractor’s back wheels by 1″-2″. The first row was made with the 3-point hitch set control handle set at Dad’s wide marking in mid-range. That was too deep as the row was still rounded and raised 6-8″. For the last row (westmost) the control was about 1.5-inches on the higher side of that mark and the resulting row was fairly level and created about a 4″ raised bed.

Once the rows had been pulled up I leveled them out with the garden rake to make them flat top and break up the clods. Next time the hiller will have a drag to accomplish the same thing.

With the wide flat bed the seeds were placed in two rows per bed with the plate 6 in the seeder with every other seed pocket covered with masking tape. Therefore, the seeds should be about 7″ apart with the row 9-12″ apart.

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