Completed old hay string removal and reseeding in the old garden


5/18/2019 – For the past 3 months we have worked to remove the 20+ years of hay string in the area of the old garden immediately north of the new garden. Of course, the removal of the string will never end but we got the worst of it and what is left that we can find are small short pieces. This reclamation project involved:

  1. First disked the area and pulled out old hay string;
  2. then scraped the area with the cultivator and pulled out more old hay string;
  3. then disked again pulling the gate/drag and pulled out more hay string;
  4. spread five lbs. of Pensacola Bahia grass seed.

Given the number of 4 CF wheelbarrow loads that went to the landfill plus what Ted put on the burn pile, there was at least 40 CF of old string. The cultivator and the disk also turned up a lot of rust sheet metal and tubing probably from a rusted out hay ring.

With the area fairly level I spread the 5 lbs. of Pensacola Bahia grass seed from Tractor Supply–their Groundworks brand. Then pulled the gate/drag over the area to provide a little cover to the seed and improve the leveling.

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