Clearing Edges of the Creek & Springs

Creek, Springs and east slope

5/22/2021 to 6/2/2021 – This post is for the major events for the clearing and seeding of the west side of the creek and the north and south sides of Mary’s Springs. The primary vegetation removed were Tallow Trees and muscadine vines. This adds about 2.6 acres to the pasture land while making the creek and springs more accessible.

5/22/2021 to 5/25/2021 – Wayne Maples, Southern Dozer, removed many tallow trees, vines, dead and other small trees.

5/30/2021 – Wayne leveled the areas with his land plane when my effort with the box blade failed.

5/31/2021 – Minor final leveling with the Chain drag to fill holes, knock down small hills and scarify the packed areas in preparation to sow Pensacola Bahia Grass seed.

6/1/2021 – Sowed 50 lbs. of Pensacola Bahia Grass seed by The Wax Company LLC, Amory MS, bought today at Hurley F&F for $168. The germination rate is 68% and the origin is Florida. Went over the seeded areas again with the chain drag to cover some of them. See separate post here for details.

6/2/2021 – Placed 40 bales of construction hay bought from Denny McDavid in the areas most likely to wash out. Staked them with one 1×2″ stake in half the bales.

Scroll below photos for weather related updates.

6/6/2021 – First hard rain was 2.0″ total over 6 hours with a heavy downpour of 1.4″ in 40 min. Very little rain for the past 10+ days so a lot should have soaked in.

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