Christmas 2014


Arrived on December 26 and all is well although the combine is still here.

12/27/14 – Sent email to Dorothy’s grandchildren about her web site. Weeded the front flower beds. Rained slowly all afternoon. Started change out of MBR ceiling fan.

12/28/2014 – Completed installation of new ceiling fan in MBR. Weeded new front flower beds and pruned rose bushes. Installed solar lights on four gate posts. Let Lady run inside the new fence and she finally went through the north fence into the field. Finally came back when I drove the truck to the fence. Drained Ford tractor tank of diesel and found it cloudy. Went to Allentown Cemetery and found Howell family gravestones.DSC_0109

12/29/2014, Tuesday –  Loaded truck with old fuel drum and other junk to take to land fill tomorrow.  Fixed Mary a compost barrel with one of the white plastic barrels. Flushed tank on Ford. Bought new drain valve as the new one Gorden gave me was totally clogged. Planted the eight Natchez crepe myrtles along the new fence.

12/30/2014 Wednesday – Took junk to land fill and bought-after second trip-a total of 2 CY ground pine bark mulch from Woerner on Cottage Hill Rd.  Coasted bin and barnMulched the crepe myrtles, blue berries, beds across front of the house and along the kitchen side, the herb bed at the walk and the bridal wreaths. Tom Bates painted the barn roof, grain bin and wood shed roof with a asphalt base zinc paint after screwing down the loose tin on the barn. DSC_0129Cost was $700. Planted old world climbing roses on the fence either side of the gate and at each end of the new fence. Frank and I dug out the ditch behind his house to let the pond drain lower. Dug out the culvert in the ditch at the barn and found it filled in and collapsed on the west end.

12/31/2014 Thursday – DSC_0100Burned the pile of limbs and logs in the morning. Re-piled it all afternoon. Frank borrowed the MF to drive his tiller in the area between the blueberries and the ditch. Worked on the Ford to try to get it to run but the new tank valve wouldDSC_0098 not thread onto the tank. Tried to get the JD lawn tractor to run but the battery was dead. Once charged it still would not crank.

1/1/2014 Friday – Went to the north fields and found a deep wash near the north fence where the water is running from the road onto us and washing out what is now a 3-foot plus deep hole. Saw a pileated wood pecker and many other birds in “Mary’s Branch”. [Newly assigned name]

1/2/2015 Saturday – Mary cleaned the filter to the Ford’s tank valve and I re-intalled it. still would not bleed to the bleed screw at the filter. Went to lunch with Peggy, Mandy, husbands and TS at Mo’s Original BBQ on Dauphin St. VERY good BBQ and especially the sides. I had the Black Bean stew that had black beans, corn, baby butter beans, yam chunks, pulled pork/beef, and onions. Mary had fried catfish fillets and said it was better than the places on the causeway. I got the JD Lawn tractor started and Mary mowed all but the pecan orchard. Steering is still loose and slips. Need to replace all the grommets in the steering column.

Panoramic Views

Looking south from roof
Front yard and across the road.
Rented field from creek field
Rented field about ready for the winter yearlings.
Looking North from roof
Looking north from roof.
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