Christmas 2013


Enjoyed the Christmas season along with the rain, cold weather and warm fires in the fire place. Got a lot of small things done inside and one BIG thing – raising the barn at the rotten pole and the one Daddy backed into.

20140102 Farm yard panoThe Driskell’s had cleared out the tallow trees behind the ditch over to the pecan trees.  The excavator that dug out the water tank–in the low place in Peg’s field–for the cows had dug out the trees and piled them just west of the large pecan trees.

20140102 Pano pasture
Winter pasture about ready for the yearlings.

Frank and I dug out the ditch behind their house and the water flowed quicker and appears to have caused the pond’s low level to be lower by 3-4 inches. Need to do more.

The barn was a lot of work and there is more as the center pole is rotten and would fall down. When it is replaced we will raise that point up to align with the others. With the survey level we placed finish nails into each pole. The nails are an average of 8′-1/2″ below the bottom of the beam and 1.20′ above the street where the driveway enters.

Preparations to raise the roof have just begun
Preparations to raise the roof have just begun


20140102 Barn Raised2  DSC_0264

Had a great sunset on the 28th and a great sunrise the next morning.

sunset pano
Sunset, 12/29/13
Sunrise, 12/30/13

Sunset the next day reflecting in the pond was neat although there was not the dramatic oranges and reds in the sky.


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