Six plants and a Nutall Oak from Blairs


2/2/2019 – Blairs had the end of the season blow out sale with up to 75% off. We bought the following:

Sparkling Burgundy Camellia
Encore “Autumn Belle” Azalea
  • Camellia – Sparkling Burgundy, 3 gallon. Deep Pink Double Blooms. 5′-7″ wide x 4′-6″ wide. Partial Shade. Planted against the wood fence at the road in the southwest corner of the yard where the Bridal Wreath was that had not liked it. Found the BW was planted in very reddish soil due to the excavation for burying the old barn. Removed a lot of the reddish dirt and backfilled around the root ball with good dirt from the old barn site that is plowed waiting for the end of February to plant wildflowers. Moved the Bridal Wreath next to the grain bin just north of the door where the soil is very rich looking.
  • Encore “Autumn Belle” re-blooming Azalea, 3 gallon. Rhododendron “Robleo PP19899″. 5′ high x 4′ wide. Blooms are 2.5″ across “Pale pink, semi-double blooms with white lacing and magenta freckles.” Planted at the driveway gate’s hinge post.
  • Two Drift Roses, 3 gallon – Planted them either side of the driveway outside the fence in the triangular space.
  • Three “Frost Proof” Gardenias – 3 gallon. “Flowers to measure 2-3” wide. More upright and direct sun tolerant than others with buds that resist late spring frosts. Mature Size is 4′-5′ h x 4′ wide. Full to part shade. Planted two in front of the pump and the third next to the northeast corner of the house–all in the backyard. [later moved the single one to beside the other two.]
  • Large Nutall Oak, 3 gallon – Planted in the Barn Yard
  • For $57.98 after tax

Descriptions above are from the tags on the plants.

July, August 2020 – The little oak’s leaves all turned brown at the same time and got darker and brittle. By the first week of August the trunk’s bark was had and there was no sign of life. August 8 we pulled it out. Possible reasons was my spraying glyphosate on the weeds (but that did not bother it in the past) or it was in too wet of a location. We had received rain at least every other day in July and when the root ball came up the dirt was jet black and moist.

Link below is to an interesting study that also addresses oaks in wet locations. The study acknowledges that Nutalls take wet conditions better that White Oaks.


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