Began Cleanup of Mary’s Springs…finally


10/22/2019 – After talking for too many years about the need to get started killing tallow trees and vines in the Springs we finally went there this afternoon on the Gator and killed tallow trees with Remedy+diesel in the Point–my new name for the NE corner of the Creek Field–around to the old fallen oak.

I cut a chainsaw notch in the trunks of the larger ones and cut down the small ones. I also cut off some large vines. Mary sprayed Remedy on the stumps and notches.

The chain saw rain out of gas so we came back later and sprayed the vines with double strength Glyphosate. Then went to the northside west end where there is still some Kudzu. Sawed the vines and a lot of grapevines along the springs. Mary sprayed them with the Glysophate.

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