Back after a hot dry summer

Homestead Maintenance

Good to be back after a long hot summer–and still far too dry. I have been away too long but had to fit it in to other’s schedule.  Peggy and Ted had kept the grass mowed and it all looks good. Used the line trimmer with the blade around the house and yard. We brought two large asparagus ferns and put them on the front walk in front of the columns.

Went to Home Depot and bought a shovel and yard rake. Needed the shovel to plant the four roses we brought. But, later decided it was much too dry. [Took them to Peggy’s Saturday and Frank put them in the middle of plastic where he had seedlings he is growing to resell.]

The Massey Ferguson cranked!!!

The water pressure was very low in the evening and when I turned off the line to the cows it was back to normal, the pressure rose to normal and the pump stopped.  Must be a leak out there.

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