April 2011


The weekend of April 16/17 Mary and I drove to Mobile and spent a great weekend on the farm. We tried to do our part to help Peggy and Frank keep the place looking good by cutting grass, edging, and trimming trees.

It was great to see the north field being plowed and the weeds and small trees gone. The pastures looked good with the long-horn cows and those two arrogant mules.

Had a great visit with Bert Driskell and Ted Strange. Ted came by Saturday afternoon with a large mower to help Peggy cut the grass but we had already finished.

As Bert, Peggy and I were sharing memories I mentioned the farm in Lucedale. Bert said they are farming it as he is leasing it from the heirs of Harold Tanner who bought it from Dad. That is  a really neat coincidence that both farms are being farmed again by the same farmer. I only wish we still had some of the land in Lucedale where Dad was raised.



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