April 2014


2014-04-25 19.11.59Wednesday: Arrived at 3:30 and found everything in order.

  • With newly repaired 4-cycle wheeled line trimmer I trimmed around the house and back azalea bed and pecan trees.
  • Roses blooming great
  • Blueberry bushes are loaded
  • Pecans are just beginning to leaf out
  • Blue Birds are hauling stuff OUT of the blue bird house.


  • Heavy fog till mid morning. Cool breezes all day.
  • Edged driveway
  • Trimmed weeds with 4-cycle trimmer around barn, pecan trees in orchard, at driveway at ditch.2014-04-26 14.04.43
  • Mary sprayed 10 gallons of Erasure (generic Roundup) on fences, around beds, around barn
  • Sprayed 50:50 bleach on gables to clean mildew.
  • Hedged azaleas with electric hedger and limbed up small oaks and sprayed for worms as some leaf clusters were stunted although did not see any worms.
  • Took old broken deep freezer in utility room to land fill on Cottage Hill. Paid $15 fee.
  • Went to feed store in St. Elmo and it is expensive and mostly about horses and other uppie stuff. Did buy 6” pot with four basil plants.
  • Went to feed store in Grand Bay and bought 15 lbs of bird seed as it was only $2.50 per 5 lb bag. Also bought 50 lbs. 8-24-24 for $18


  • 2014-04-26 09.53.39Cut down sweet gum tree, yupon and other trees behind south two panels of barn.
  • Cut grass and weeds along garden fence.2014-04-26 13.55.33
  • Sprayed around pecan trees. Used 4 gallons more Erasure
  • Pull piles of tallow trees– left in field last work day—to the large pile behind Peggy’s house
  • Mary pulled stumps with trees except for the last one that would not budget and she let the tractor front end come up to almost a 45 degree angle before I saw it and shouted to press the clutch. She did and it sank back down. Scared the crap out of both of us.
  • Fixed lavatory in master bath
  • Install bird feeder at end of walkway to front door
  • Nailed siding back on south end of barn as it had blown off.


  • 2014-04-26 14.01.16Many little jobs including fertilizing plants with 8-24-24, planting basil at back door; line trimming missed places
  • Dug up a large azalea from row behind house to replace the sickly one in the new row along the west fence
  • Move a small climbing rose from the azalea row.
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