Another Encore Azalea and four Hibiscus’ for the former small veggie garden

Gardening Plants/Trees

3/18/2019 – We bought at Blair’s a second Autumn Sunburst Encore Azalea for the west side of the gate to balance the one on the east side. It cost $30.

I stopped at Sessions Farm Market after lunch and they were unloading four pallets of hibiscus. I bought two 3-gallon Painted Ladies and two 3-gallon President Reds. They were planted in the former veggie bed along the brick wall between the back patio and the utility room. They were $18 each.

3/21/2019 – While reworking this bed we:

  • moved the Parsley–that has grown great–to make room for the hibiscus.
  • moved the gardenia planted at the northwest corner of the house to be just south of the two gardenias in this bed. The three of them will soon provide good cover for the pump location.
  • onion and garlic sets were relocated to Mary’s veggie garden.
  • mulched the bed with 1/2+ CY of crushed pine bark from Kroener’s.

This bed that was built last fall just after we moved in, has provided many dishes of mustard, lettuce, onions, parsley, and cilantro up to today. But, it will now provide flowers and no longer will be Mary’s Little Veggie Garden.

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