Sowed Ryegrass & Clover for Ranger



Mixed annual “Gulf” ryegrass seed and Crimson Clover with 15-0-15 fertilizer with iron and magnesium and broadcast with the JD spreader. Got both at Hurley F&S.

For the 1.1 acres, 49,200 SF, spread:

  • 25 lbs. Gulf Annual Ryegrass.
  • 10 lbs. red clover – Crimson Clover at Hurley F&S.
  • 3 sacks of 15-0-15.

This ryegrass is an erect, robust cool-season bunch grass that reaches a height of 3 to 4 ft. Plants are yellowish-green at the base and has 12″ long glossy leaves. This species has a heavy, extensive fibrous root system. Annual ryegrass has small seeds (approximately 190,000 seeds per lbs.) that germinates rapidly. Seedlings quickly establish a ground cover and are very competitive. From here.

Followed guidance from:

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