Added Plumbagos, Moved Roses and added a short Azalea


After the 150th Year Reunion at Union Baptist Church, we enlarged the small bed with the Bay Leaf tree and two daylilies. The bed was extended to create a corner and to provide space to hold the two Grandiflora roses that were along the 4-board fence between the crepes. They had not done well there likely due to not enough sun as the fence and crepes created a lot of shade. We also moved the climbing rose next to the other two and planted it against the new 4-board fence (running along the pecan orchard north-south) next to the power pole.

Where the roses had been we planted the “Imperial Blue” Plumbagos (auriculata) bought yesterday at the Mobile Botanical Garden Fall Sale.  The fourth plumbago went between two crepes where there had not been a rose.

In the enlarged Bay Leaf Tree bed we also planted the six new daylily bulbs bought from American Meadows and that arrived two days ago. They were:

  1. ‘Frans Hals’ Daylily reblooming again in fall. Boasting big, bi-colored flowers that alternate rusty crimson inner petals and yellow throats, with sunny yellow outer petals.
  2. ‘Hyperion’ Reblooming Daylily’s sunny-yellow blooms are prolific and sweetly fragrant. The large, 5″ flowers last into the evening hours strong, easy-to-grow variety that has been in cultivation for over 80 years. Very cold hardy and attractive to butterflies.

NOTE – The next day we realized we had the daylilies too close so removed one from each end as well as separated the existing daylily clumps and planted all of them in the ends of the new bed at the azaleas in the backyard.

Also bought at the Mobile Botanical Gardens’ sale an azalea that is to grow only 4 feet high. It is called “Conversation Piece”, a Rotan Hill Hybrid. The tag says “Variable ruffled white with pink strips. Loose mounding habit. Mid-Spring.”  It was planted in a new small triangular bed in front of the AC to “hide” the AC from the new backyard patio.

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