A Brown Select Satsuma and two “Julia Child” Roses

Fruit & Nuts Yard

3/27/2019 – Bought a Brown Select Satsuma and two “Julia Child” gold floribunda roses at Sessions.

The Julia Child rose, known in the UK as the Absolutely Fabulous rose, is a golden butter or golden floribunda rose, named after the chef Julia Child. WikipediaScientific name: Rosa ‘Julia Child’ Higher classificationRoseCultivar: ‘WEKvossutono’.

OriginTom Carruth; (United States, 2004)Hybrid parentage: Seed: (‘Voodoo’ × Hybrid of R. soulieana) × ‘Summerwine’ Pollen: ‘Top Notch’ ™

The cultivar is a 2006 AARS (All American Rose Selections) winner. It was selected as Best of the Best in 2010, and won the Gold Star of the South Pacific in the 2011 New Zealand Rose Trials.[7]

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