Sprayed Tomatoes & Peppers with Epsom Salts


5/1/2021 – Some of the pepper’s leaves in the big garden and basil’s leaves in the little garden are yellow between the veins. Based on various pieces of advice collected on this page, we sprayed them with Epsom Salts mixed one tablespoon of Epsom Salts in one gallon of water. Sprayed the top and bottom of the leaves to drip—and that drenched the stems.

The peppers with the most pronounced issues are the Chili Pepper G76 and the Jalero Jalapenos. The others have very little evidence of an issue.

The tomatoes’ discoloration is only occasional but given the ph and calcium levels sprayed the ones in the big garden moderately; i.e. not to drip. The tomatoes in the little garden are growing better than the others and show no discoloration. Did not spray them.

5/4/2021 – The newer growth are likely darker green with no sign of the deficiency. The older leaves with the discoloration are about the same as they were.

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