2016 Christmas Week


Driskells have planted grass in the cotton stubble and the field is green. Mobile Gas has buried the exposed yellow gas line at the driveway into the pond field. Orange locate paint and flags locating the ATT buried cable were still in place along the fence about 12-18″ toward to pavement. Roses are blooming still and grass is green.

Picked up Stewart pecans from the tree next to road and driveway but they were only partially filled out and had a bit of an off-taste. Some seedlings in the orchard had pecans but they too were not filled out well. No doubt due to the long dry spell this summer when the ponds even dried up from before July 4 to after Labor Day.

Tuesday, Dec. 27

Picked up the relatively few small limbs under the pecan trees. Mary mowed with the JD almost the whole yard until the belt broke. Started Fergie, drove her around a bit then idled for 30 minutes per Gordon McClinton who said to let them idle for an hour if not run in a while.  Battery for Ford was dead likely as did not run it last trip.

Went to Oak Hill Tree Farm and looked at Drake Elms. Nice 35 gallons they wanted $100 but we did not get back to it given the weather.


Met Brandon parker of Jimeson Glass and Door Replacement who will quote same. Later in the morning met Derwin Daniels who quoted back and side aluminum patios and replacing all blue trim and gables.

Ford’s battery had not charged much so put it back on at 20 amp for 30 minutes then boost started with the charger at 55/150 starting amps. Drove it around the pecan orchard 5 times at med-high RPM once warmed. Saw some puffs of black smoke but then none. [Satruday tried to crank it but would not turn over fast enough. Put on charger at 20 amps and left for ~10 hours. Battery was warm when took it off but next day still would not turn over fast enough. When took battery to grain bin checked the water level and it was ~1/2″ low in all cells. Topped them off with distilled water and will see if that helps in March.]

Cleaned up and re-arranged utility room and grain bin. Moved wooden shutters to grain bin.


Cut big rotten secondary trunk from maple tree. Front blew in abut 9:30 AM with a hard short shower. Wind turned from humid steady breeze from the south to hard wind from the north. Temperature did not drop like in Texas but once the sun went down it did drop. Met with Bob Caron/Lipford about the house. Heavy rains during the night filled the ponds to the level shown here about 8 AM Friday.


Yesterday morning was in the high 60’s and this morning it is 38.

Paid the taxes at the County Annex in Theodore. Pruned the very old canes out of the blueberry bushes next to the driveway. Burned some of Dad’s old tax papers, bank statements, check stubs, and receipts back to 1974. Removed battery from Ford and found water level 1/2″ low so refilled with distilled water.


Drizzly and cold. Pruned old canes from blueberry bushes along the fence and planted two sets of seedlings removed from old bushes between the bushes. Trimmed a few limbs from oak, cut off growth from the bush by the electrical meter and limb from little oak east of the maple.


Weather was bad and Tom was sicker with head and chest congestion and aches.

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