Spread 200 lbs. Cotton Seed Meal


1/27/2019 – We spread at the location below 4 sacks, 200 lbs., of cottonseed meal bought from Grand Bay Feed and Seed for $52. As we had spread yesterday maybe 25% of one sack on Mary’s large veggie garden the locations below received 180 lbs. It was all “wiped” into the mulch with the garden rake or by hand. At the end of this productive day Mary watered every location.

  1. All four citrus trees.
  2. The three Sunset Magic crape myrtles
  3. All daylilies
  4. All roses
  5. All Hydrangeas
  6. All camellias
  7. The new Dwarf Encore azalea at the AC
  8. Spread some on the reddish, clay areas, at the old barn site that will be the spring wildflower garden.

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