Yellow Jackets under Azaleas

Wild Plants & Animals

11/20/2019 – Mary noticed wasps flying into a hole in the ground under the edge of the row of azaleas near the silver maple tree. Lady had been there and must have disturbed them.

I sprayed a wasp spray on the place in the leaves where they were disappearing into. That caused more to be flying around. Then much larger wasps with distinct yellow strips began crawling out but not flying. They were crawling through the foam and that must have kept them on the ground but walking about.

I then sprayed Permethrin SFR Insecticide 36.8% on the small ones that were flying and the larger yellow striped ones that continued to crawl out of the hole. I sprayed a lot of the permethrin on the hole to try to soak the soil and the azaleas bush over the hole.

Within 30 minutes there were many yellow jackets crawling and dying between the azaleas and the 10×10 slab. Several hours later there were a few dead ones found but no activity over the hole.

The next day there was still no activity over the hole and we installed a yellow jacket trap in the little oak tree. No yellow jackets were caught as of 12/1/2019.

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