Plant Inventory

In front of the Office/Guest Room

  • Two Popcorn Drift white roses by Star Roses & Plants and a Limelight Hydrangea planted June 2017
  • Two “Pardon Me” daylilies (red flowers with yellow throats) at the point next to the walk on the east side of the front door) – Memorial Day 2017
  • Knockout Roses

In front of the Living Room/Studio

  • Grape Ripple daylily
  • Knockout Roses

Outside the Kitchen window

  • two Stella de Oro (yellow long blooming) at the back door -Memorial Day 2017

Along the east side of the driveway

  • 3 gal. Quick Fire Hydrangea and a 3 gal. Pinkie Winkie Hydrangea. Both panicle hydrangeas from Flowerwood Nursery, Inc. of Mobile AL. Both bloom on new growth.
  • two Agapanthus (semi-dwarf Lily of the Nile)
  • three dark leaf, deep red crepe myrtles named Sunset Magic (Lagerstroemia “Plagix PPAF”

Along the west side of the driveway.

  • Meyer Lemons – 2
  • Omari Satsuma

ID Gallery

Along the 4-board fence at the road

Christmas 2014 – Planted eight Natchez crepe myrtles along the new 4-board wood fence.

9/24/2018 – Planted one clump of Savanha Debutant and one of Siloam June Bug both from Oakes Daylilies. The SJB was the bonus plant. Both were planted between Crepes 6 & 7 (counting from the east) with the Savanha Debutant on the west side of the Bridal Wreath and the SBJ on the east side.  See Post here.

10/21/2018 – Planted four “Imperial Blue” Plumbagos (auriculata) bought at the Mobile Botanical Garden Fall Sale.

Along the 4-board fence at the pecan orchard

“Semmes Beauty” Oakleaf Hydrangea

Bay Leaf Tree bed

  • Bay Leaf Tree
  • 10/21/2018 – Six new daylily bulbs bought from American Meadows
    • ‘Frans Hals’ Daylily reblooming again in fall. Boasting big, bi-colored flowers that alternate rusty crimson inner petals and yellow throats, with sunny yellow outer petals. Mature Plant Size 20-24″ tall, 18-24″ wide. Bloom Time Mid to late summer
    • ‘Hyperion’ reblooming daylily’s sunny-yellow blooms are prolific and sweetly fragrant. The large, 5″ flowers last into the evening hours. Is a strong, easy-to-grow variety that has been in cultivation for over 80 years. Very cold hardy and attractive to butterflies. Mature Plant Size 36-40″ tall, 18-24″ wide. Bloom Time Early to mid-summer.
  • Roses – ?????????????????????????

Bed along north side of house at AC and patio

Bought at the MBG sale an azalea that is to grow only 4 feet high. It is called “Conversation Piece”, a Rotan Hill Hybrid. The tag says “Variable ruffled white with pink strips. Loose mounding habit. Mid-Spring.”  It was planted in a new small triangular bed in front of the AC to “hide” the AC from the new backyard patio.

Unknown Locations

Ming Porcelain Daylily – Evergreen. Tetrapoid rebloomer. Large 6″ blooms pastel ivory pink touched peach edged with lime green throat 36″ x 24″.

Jerome Daylily – scape height 22 in, (56 cm)bloom size 6.75 in, (17 cm)
bloom season Early-Midseason
ploidy Diploid
foliage type Evergreen
bloom habit Extended

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