Daylily Misc Info

Daylily Proliferations and how to plant explained here at a recommended supplier. Alternative advice and how to plant is at Proliferations…My Way, by Lee Pickles, Hixson, TN

A Daylily Proliferation – A Clone

From Oakes Daylily site:

Dormants and Evergreens: Daylilies vary from dormant varieties (the leaves die completely to the ground in the winter) to evergreen varieties (the leaves try to grow whenever it gets warm) with various degrees of semi-evergreens in between. Gardeners from USDA zones 9 and 10, and other areas that do not have a cold period in the winter should buy only evergreen or semi-evergreen varieties. Northern gardeners in zones 4 or colder may want to stick with dormant varieties, although many semi-evergreen and evergreen varieties will grow well, especially if mulched. One other note: in zones 7/8 and colder, the foliage will typically be frozen to the ground regardless of foliage type.