Working bad dirt at old barn for wild flowers


The red clay that was left on top when Dad had the remains of the old barn buried would not support grass or weeds. The adjacent areas was not much better. We have spread gypsum twice to try to improve it but sitting on top it did not have a chance to help.

On January 15 I used the box blade and its rippers to break up the clay over the entire old barn site as it needs to be re-leveled and Mary wants to plant her Spring Wildflower Seeds that will act as a cover crop and look great.

After ripping it up I used Fergie and the disk to further breakup the dirt and the occasional sod. Cross disked it twice and it is looking ok.

The next day I crossed disked it again twice with a drag.

The plan is to keep working the dirt and plant the American Meadows Spring Mix in late February.

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