Wind and gusts blow over corn and more


6/1/2019 – Intense thunderstorms and the gusting wind blew over the three rows of 18″ high Silver King Corn.

6/2/2019 – We decided to try and save them so I raked dirt up to the bent-over stalks and Mary packed it around them so they stood up. Wait and see if it works. This was less than 18 hours after they were blown over and the ground is very moist.

6/4/2019 – All stalks are still standing 48 hours later and show no sign of stress.

6/6/2019 – Gusts in the 10-15 mph range from nearby thunderstorms blew in from the southwest and ruffled the entire garden. The young Silver King Corn was again bent over but this time rather than leaning hard southeast it is leaning at less of an angle northeast. Look in the upper left of the third photo below.

Note the squash is also blown hard and a few leaf stems broken. The adjacent bell peppers are blown over to some extent. The tomatoes we just finished hanging by strings show no damage at all.

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