Widened Bed along the Orchard Fence and Added Daylilies


11/6/2020 – Widened the daylily & camillia bed in the front yard along the 4-board orchard fence to 4.5 ft. Relocated two daylilies to even out spacing and moved __ daylilies from the nursery to the new space in front of the current daylilies.

The small bed on the north side of the power pole was cleaned out and tilled. It had the two purple crepes that had not done anything next to the driveway and they did not do anything this year after relocating to that bed.

11/7/2020 – Checked the pH of the original bed and the newly till soil in the widened area. Found the part of the bed north of the southmost camellia to be 6.0-6.2; i.e. in the low end of the recommended range for daylilies. The portion of the bed south of the southmost camellia was 5.8-6.0; i.e just outside the range. Lightly scattered pelletized lime over that area and very lightly over the other parts as they are on the low end of the range. Once the holes were dug for the daylilies relocated from the nursery, we dribble a little more lime on the soil piled around the planting hole and in the hole—about 2-3 tablespoons.

The pH is a bit high for the camellias but they are covered with buds and one is blooming. They do not seem in need of a pH adjustment so no lime was placed around them.

Planted 10 daylily clumps from the nursery into the newly widened area of the bed.

The tagged daylilies added were three Miss Mary Mary and one Red Scarlet. There were others added but they were not tagged.

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