Removed Fence at Barn and Wayne Maples Began Excavating the Pond


12/10/2019 – Wayne Maples moved in his excavator yesterday afternoon and we began removal of the field fabric/barb wire fence and old posts between the barn and the pond.

Today, Wayne began today excavating the pond by clearing the ditch and the old fence there and we completed the fence work along the barnyard by removing it up to the old oak. We also stood up the wire fabric across the barnyard to keep the dogs in.

He balled the fence wire and post that was along the ditch. He knocked down the old dead tallow trees near the west property line and dug out dead tree debris from the ditch. He widened and graded the ditch and walked it in so the pond will continue to drain well and not delay the work. The cleared ditch is about 1.5 feet below the high point near the old oak and some lower than the lowest place in the pond.

We walked the area with his laser level and noted the flag stakes I had installed are at the same grade as the high spot near the old oak. The size of the pond will create a lot of dirt to spread.

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